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Employees are the back bone of your organization and a company needs a strong, diligent and an effective one to thrive in the ever developing competition in the corporate world. A good hire can be quite fruitful for you in a lot of perspectives, however, a bad hire can lead you to:

• Lawsuits
• Bankruptcy
• Financial Crunch
• A damaged reputation

These are just to name a few. We see multiple companies who have accepted the fact of not having conducted criminal record checks of employees before hiring. Based on our analysis, we give you ten dos and don’ts that you must follow in order to avoid being led in to mayhem:

Abide the Law:

Be clear and precise with your applicant about the legalities of the screening procedure. It is advised to request him/ her to fill out a legal form in order to comply with the international laws regarding hiring and screening.

Seek out a trend/pattern:

While conducting an interview, try to figure out the good and bad of your applicant. However, give time and space to the applicant to let them develop a certain pattern which can eventually help you in an informed decision.

Don’t focus on the negative only:

While conducting a Back ground check don’t just make it an aim to focus only on the bad but find a third party which tends to surface out the good of an applicant too.

Elongate the spectrum of your screening:

Look in to all the aspects of an applicant be it from its educational background to social media profiling and more. Do not limit the scope as it will eventually help you in informed decisions.

Maintain uniformity:

Make sure that you keep the same procedure of investigations for all of two applicants seeking out the same job description.

Never compromise on laws:

Always ensure that while conducting a background check the sanctity of the federal, state and governmental laws are never compromised.

Do not discriminate:

Special care is required when handling applicants as you should not be biased when making an informed decision especially when it’s related to gender, race, cast, creed, religion, status, any disability etc.

Keep the communication window open:

When analyzing an applicant in terms of a background screening, make sure that you keep in touch with the applicant and cross check things with him on a personal level just to be clearer in making a sound decision.

Invest in a good background screening company:

This immensely helps as this relieves HR managers of various unrelated tasks and lets them focus on more important core tasks required to keep the company going. Secondly, they are the experts in this area and surely will do justice to the screening work.

Run a little research yourself:

No matter what, just run a little search yourself about the applicant as well to be internally satisfied.

About Author:
Hina Rehan is a vivid writer, having earned a degree in Business Administration; her passion is inclined in to creative writing. She is currently a content developer and blogger at specializes in employment screening and background checks. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also.