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HR & making a difference: Strategy

Strategy is one of those words in HR that hints at a lot but actually means very little. Do senior managers think about strategy? The answer is usually ‘very little’. So, why is it that we in HR get so caught up in being strategic? At CourageousHR, we start by defining what strategy means and then we break it down into two different concepts; pro-activeness and the strategic process.

I love HR and I hate HR: Adding value

What does 'adding value' actually mean? Does it mean different things to HR and to the business? Actually, most of the time it is a pretty meaningless phrase as there is very little substance behind it. Go back to the drawing board and work with the business to define it and then figure out how you can improve it.

HR Business Partner – fact, fiction and competencies

Do you know what capabilities (competencies) a HR Partner actually needs to have? If your answer is maybe but not 100% sure, then you are not alone! Find out why there is such confusion and what we're trying to do to demystify it all and come up with something which makes sense and is practical.

HR Business Partner - fact, fiction and titles

The world of ‘HR Business Partner’ is a confusing one because it seems to be 'all things to all people'. At CourageousHR, we believe that with just a bit more thought HR could help itself by differentiating between 'Junior' and 'Senior' HR BP roles. As we always try to be helpful and practical at CourageousHR we have done just that!