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HR Business Partner – fact, fiction and the new role of HR

You know that we know that you know the world of ‘HR Business Partner’ is a confusing one and you know that until we get a general consensus on HRs fundamental building blocks then we’ll continue to daze both ourselves and our internal customers about our potential value (see the blogs HR Business Partner – fact, fiction and .... series). Lets look at the role of HR.

Get ready to be motivated!

You absolutely have to love this incredibly creative presentation of some really important research into what motivates. If you are hoping to manage people effectively and have them invest themselves in your business in constantly changing workplaces this video is a must see.

HR Subjects - HR Courses, HR Development, HR Training

How have you learnt to do the things you do as a HR Professional? Has it been effective or just interesting? At CourageousHR we believe that to be a successful HR Professional nowadays is less about technical expertise and more about what you get up to in the workplace. It is now all about wise application so get out of the classroom and start creating the opportunities to learn on the job and learn from each other.

HR Business Partner - fact, fiction and attitude

HR Technical Knowledge is now just the entry requirement to be a competent and credible HR Professional. At CourageousHR, we have come to realise that the 'difference that makes the difference' is attitude - or put another way, courage. Courage is about purpose, commitment, leadership and so much more. What is your HR attitude like?

HR Business Partner - fact fiction and job descriptions

Trying to define and describe what a HR Business Partner actually does is so difficult because it seems that it is a role that 'is all things to all people'. Neither helpful nor constructive! So, at CourageousHR we focus on what a person does and discover that with a bit of thought it is possible to create a meaningful job description which focuses on delivering value at all levels. and ensuring HR doesn't stay confused

HR & making a difference: Strategy

Strategy is one of those words in HR that hints at a lot but actually means very little. Do senior managers think about strategy? The answer is usually ‘very little’. So, why is it that we in HR get so caught up in being strategic? At CourageousHR, we start by defining what strategy means and then we break it down into two different concepts; pro-activeness and the strategic process.